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My Jumpstart to Independence - North Miami, FL on October 29, 2022

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

On October 29, 2023 the innovative My Jumpstart to Independence conference was hosted in Miami springs! With over 60 youth in attendance, this event featured impactful talks, networking opportunities, and lots of fun. The youth were coached on how to navigate the challenges of the real world and participated in challenges to win cash prizes and an opportunity to record music in a studio!Speakers led the attendees through workshops in health and wellness, communication skills, and financial literacy. Ed Fed, a local credit union,hosted an impactful talk about banking, credit, and budgeting. The youth then applied this knowledge during the “Real World Experience” where our young adults would create a realistic monthly budget based off of actual salaries and expenses in their area. This event created an immersive experience and featured organizations like Gamebred Youth, Rope Foundation and The Motivational Edge that providedawesome opportunities for our attendees. After the conference, local artists, King Hoodie Raps and Kaylan Arnoldperformed at a private venue for our youth. These artists created an electrifying atmosphere and encouraged the attendees to participate by dancing and singing.They also shared their stories, inspiring youth to believe in themselves and be resilient as they pursue their dreams. The attendees greatly benefited from this eye-opening conference, and the team at DASH cannot wait to have you at the next one! Just listen to what the youth have to say: “It was fun, inspiring and motivational for be to keep going and leave the past in the past”, “The most inspirational day of my life! Thank you!”, “It really helped me to understand the real world, thank you so much”.

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