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Our network believes family and friends are meant to accept you for who you are, but a coach is needed to guide you where you want to be. It's more than just a 1:1 mentoring relationship, it's a lifestyle of education, development, and support. Everyone in our community receives accountability from someone else in our life whom we've assigned to be that person. We provide SMART DREAMS Coaches that transform young adults who are aging out and/or have aged out into success stories by developing their personal confidence to show up socially, emotionally, mentally, physically, & spiritually when pursuing their DREAMS. 

Our SMART DREAMS Coaches develop the mindsets of young adults to establish personal habits that create a SMART DREAMS lifestyle: 

S - Specific (Learns how to be specific with their dreams)

M - Motivating (Learns how to be positive with their words, body language, and posture)

A - Attentative (Learn how to stay focused on their message when in conversation)

R - Relevant (Learn how to make their message relevant to their goals and dreams)

T - Timing (Learns how to approach people at the right time to get their message across best)

D - Driver (Learns how to be in control of their life)

R - Relationships (Learns how to build and manage a support network)

E - Education (Learns that education is more than just high school and college)

A - Accountability Team (Learns how to establish accountability for themselves)

M - Motivation (Learns how to identify their WHY and how to be resilient and stay motivated)

S - Spirituality (Learns how to seek out their purpose and define life bigger than themselves)

Are you a young young adult 15-28? or Are you the parent of one? Then this form is for you! Upon completing the form, a copy will be sent to your email of choice.  

If you are within the DASH Network, then get with your SMART DREAMS Coach for your results and to create a plan of action on beginning your path to transforming your DREAMS into Reality! #SMARTDREAMS

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