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Through our social impact partnership with Dreams And Success Homes, Inc., members get exclusive access to #SMARTDREAMS Housing throughout the state of Florida when they enroll/participate in our SMART DREAMS Coaching program that educates, develops, and supports their personal and professional growth.


SMART DREAMS Housing (TECH = Therapeutic Empowerment Coaching Homes) empowers and supports young adults 18-28 from at-risk communities to establish self-confidence, self-sufficiency, and financial freedom.

Phase 1

Housing Type: Supportive with Live-In Support

Educational Focus: SMART DREAMS (Personal Confidence)

Productivity Requirement: 30+ DASH Life hours per week

Activities: Character Development & Social-Emotional Training

Phase 2

Housing Type: Supportive without Live-In Support

Educational Focus: DASH 2 Independence (Self-Sufficiency)

Productivity Requirement: 40+ DASH Life hours per week

Activities: Life Skills & Career Education/Training

Phase 3

Housing Type: Supportive without Live-In Support

Educational Focus: DASH 2 Freedom (Financial Freedom)

Productivity Requirement: 50+ DASH Life hours per week

Activities: Wealth Building & Homeownership

SMART DREAMS Housing Culture

“Home” is a place we usually know as the location where we live permanently aka our safe place. But, when parenting/coaching teenagers, it is very important that they can be able to expect what “Home” will be like in another place: the environment that’s provided by the people around them when they may not act accordingly or do something we do not like. We believe that young adults should have a home where they can experience the pitfalls in life, but also the rewards of it. A home that offers a supportive community who they know will support them to success during the good times, but also be there to support the failures during the challenging times when they're having to learn tough lessons. When providing these, you can expect teenagers to be more comfortable with being themselves and able to express the values DASH represents while being vulnerable releasing information in their life.

H - Be Honorable

We will respect and celebrate those around us, but most importantly ourselves. We believe in accepting people as they are and appreciating them for who they are. We don’t have to agree with them on all issues, and don’t even have to like them- but we will honor them. If we say we will do something or arrange something, we will do what we said we will do. In the DASH Network, we honor one another so that we may accept, grow, and establish a community together that reflects our best socially, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, & physically.


O - Be Optimistic

We will be confident and hopeful that there are good things around us and in our future. We believe that our life experiences are never good or bad, but moments to learn and grow through so that we build mental intelligence to stay optimistic. We believe life is full of opportunities if we live optimistically through every challenge and test.


M - Be Merciful

We will be patient, kind, and compassionate through every experience we have with ourselves and/or others. We believe that being merciful means being willing to do for the next by feeding the hungry, giving a drink to the thirsty, clothing the naked, giving shelter to travelers, visiting the sick, visiting the imprisoned, and burying the dead.


E - Be Empowering

We will challenge ourselves and those connected to us to live to our fullest potential and to own our work. We believe that the most effective way to empower one another is to express appreciation for our efforts and set one another up for success by pushing one another to experience continual growth.

Once our young adults have created HOME, now its time to live the #DASHLife and follow their DREAMS!

Young adults are assigned a success coach and a mentor that focus on empowering them through our character and social-emotional development program that provides them with personal confidence and values to show up socially, emotionally, & physically when pursuing their DREAMS:

D - Driver (Learns how to be in control of their life)

R - Relationships (Learns how to build and manage a support network)

E - Education (Learns that education is more than just high school and college)

A - Accountability Team (Learns how to establish accountability for themselves)

M - Motivation (Learns how to identify their WHY and how to be resilient and stay motivated)

S - Spirituality (Learns how to seek out their purpose and define life bigger than themselves)

Housing Availability

Our availability is currently only throughout Florida in the following counties:

Duval, Lake, Leon, Broward, and Miami-Dade.

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