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Dream Big, Dream Beyond, Dream Now!


20,000+ young adults age out foster care every year and only less than 3% go on to be successful by the age of 23 (College degree or full-time Employment).


We provide experiential learning programs and coaches that educate, develop, and support young adults with personal and professional development.

Join us to become a #DREAMSSAVER or SMART DREAMS Coach and transform young adults into confident thriving success stories that show up socially, emotionally, physically, mentally, & spiritually when pursuing their DREAMS.


2023 Annual Report

SMART DREAMS is more than a mindset; it's a force reshaping communities across Florida. We are thrilled to unveil the impact we've achieved in 2023. Our commitment to empowering lives, fostering resilience, and nurturing dreams has sparked a wave of positive transformation.

Upcoming Events

No events at the moment

SMART DREAMS Housing Tenant

I love how my housing came with an app that empowers and coaches me through my journey to being self-sufficient. Seeing my progress keeps me motivated."

SMART DREAMS Coaching Dreamer

"Before DASH, i had no vision for my life. Now I know what i want and the steps i need to take to accomplish my dreams."

My Jumpstart Youth

“Thank you for this great experience. I learned a lot and I am actually motivated to be the best I can be. The grind never stops.”
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